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Michail Tatarakis

Director, Owner, and Founder of Reflections
With a background in financial management, Michail served as the commercial manager for Archirodon, an international Greek marine construction firm, in the late 70s and 80s. On completion of their final project in the UAE, he quickly identified a need for reliable acrylic fabricators in the region. Having previously been a partner at one such factory in New York City, he proceeded to establish Reflections in 1990 as an acrylic fabrication company, which has since expanded to include the decoration division.

Hani Breidi

Marketing Manager – Decoration Division
Hani joined Reflections in 2003 having amassed considerable experience in the hospitality industry as the operations manager of the memorable Highland Lodge in the 1990s through to its closure in 2002. He had developed invaluable insight into the industry which, coupled with his relentless energy, proved to be a cornerstone in the advancement of the decoration division.

Joe Breidi

Production Manager – Acrylic Division
From an interior design background and with over 6 years experience with the Spirit Design Group design house in Beirut, Joe joined Reflections in 2008 as the head of the acrylics division. His in-depth understanding of designs and his attention to detail are demonstrated by the fine quality of the manufactured products.

Jean Tatarakis

Financial Manager
A mathematician and programmer by education, John joined Reflections to oversee the financial and technological aspects of the company's performance. Through his ingenuity and guidance, Reflections has since seen significant advances in its systems of operation.


Customer Service
Maricel is one of the longest-serving members of office staff at Reflections. Her keen organizational abilities enable her to attend to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.


A relative newcomer to the team, Leo has integrated himself seamlessly into the company's back-end operations. He oversees our 18,000+ square feet of storage space with great care, intelligence, and thoroughness.